Spider-man 3

In May 2007, Spider-man 3 made its debut in theaters. The story's plot revolves around a strange black entity from another world that bonds with Peter Parker and causes inner turmoil as he contends with new villains, temptations, and revenge.

This was my first guerilla style promotional that I did when I was working for Westbrook Cinema 4. The suit was one I had bought while at Universal Studios Orlando to wear at Halloween parties. Because I had always enjoyed the theme park characters of Walt Disney World and Universal as I was growing up, I decided to recreate that thrill and excitement for those younger patrons on a local level that may not have had those same opportunities.

During the Midnight premiere at the theater I would walk around taking pictures with patrons while imitating "Spidey" poses and high-five younger guests. From time-to-time, I pretended to be a prop in the foyer of theater hall one. When guests would walk up to look at me, they were in for quite a surprise. Other times, I would randomly appear in the concessions area to mess with the other cast members and help with popcorn. It was a very successful tactic and it inspired me to do more.