"As the world turns, the movie reels."

Welcome to the portion of my portfolio dedicated to the experiences that have given me the ability to develop and implement promotional techniques on a frequent basis. Three summers ago, I was lucky enough to get a job working at Regal Entertainment Group's Westbrook Cinema 4 in Brookhaven, MS between the spring and fall semesters at Ole Miss.

While at Westbrook, my manager, Randall Smith allowed me to really expand upon my creative talents. I have done guerrilla style promotions for various movies, helped to put together raffle give-aways, and made a major increase to the amount of money raised during our summer "StarsOfHope" fundraiser. I also helped to take care of weekly inventory checks.

Working at the theater gave me a very strong hands-on experience with handling different audience behavior and demographics depending on movies being shown at a given time. Interacting with publics on a constant, personal basis was probably THE most important asset I have gained in understanding public relations.

Above you will find links to some of the individual movie promotions I worked on. Enjoy!